Which tech companies do you trust to keep you safe?

By: Jennifer Hsieh – News24 – December 13, 2018 12:14pm”The government should be using its power to protect us from the dangerous threats posed by these malicious and destructive devices,” said Paul W. Stupak, the vice president for information technology at the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“This is why the federal government is in the business of making the most effective and effective use of its authority to protect Americans from the threats posed from malicious and dangerous devices.”

The National Shooting Star Foundation, a gun rights organization, said that the “dangerous devices” category is the largest and most dangerous category of threats the U.S. has faced in the past five years.

The organization noted that the federal law requiring manufacturers of firearms to notify law enforcement of known vulnerabilities in the devices has caused the government to invest more than $100 million to develop new vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities that the agency does not have.

The group said that if Congress does not pass a law that requires manufacturers to do so, it will be “essential” for the government and law enforcement to act to stop “the most dangerous devices” in the United States.


Patrick Cavanaugh, the executive director of the NRA-ILA, said the National Rifle Association will continue to lobby for tougher regulation on dangerous devices, saying the organization has a vested interest in protecting gun owners’ Second Amendment rights.