Which of the following trainees are most likely to graduate from the next year?

TalkSport has partnered with The Telegraph to produce this interactive quiz that compares trainees’ knowledge of the subject.

The results show which of the trainees have the most likely chance of graduating from university this year.

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What is a trainee?

A trainee is someone who has been a traineeship holder for a year, and has been working for the newspaper, magazine or website for at least three years.

In 2017, the Telegraph launched a special traineeships for new trainees.

These new trainers are chosen from all of the graduates in the Telegraph’s current trainees programme, who will be eligible for the next edition of the Guardian’s trainees scheme.

They will be paid up to £12,000 per year, depending on the length of their internship.

It is important to note that this programme will only cover trainees from the current year.

The Guardian does not currently have a new trainee scheme in place.

This article originally appeared on The Telegraph.