Which is better for your data: Centurium or Intel?

An Australian-based data protection organisation has released new data that shows the technology powering most of the new cloud computing platforms from the likes of Amazon and Google is often not compliant with Australian laws.

Key points:Centurium is the new darling of the cloud computing industry, but its privacy and data protection laws are very different to what’s found in AustraliaMany of the technology’s main players are based overseas, making the rules on the ground trickyKey points :The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched an investigation into the data protection of Centurial cloud computing platform Intel, saying the company failed to disclose it to Australian consumers in a timely manner.

The agency said it was not aware of any complaints about the privacy and security of the data that Intel shared with Australia, which included personal data, such as name and email address, and contact details for Australians.

The company, which is based in San Jose, California, said it would provide information to the ACCC to determine if it complies with Australian privacy and law.

“The Australian consumer should be able to trust that when they buy data from Intel or other companies, they’re getting what they expect and what’s being protected,” ACCC Commissioner Rod Sims said.

“We know that Intel does disclose their data in Australia to the relevant authorities and that the company complies in Australia.”

The ACCC said it also found “significant” evidence that some companies in the data processing industry have failed to comply with Australian law, with a “clear disregard” for Australian privacy protections.

“While some data protection provisions are generally well understood in Australia, the industry as a whole has not been sufficiently transparent about its compliance with these laws, said Mr Sims.”

Consumers are rightly concerned that data protection is often poorly communicated and they should be allowed to know if they’re being left in the dark,” he said.

Intel said it had not provided information to ACCC under its Privacy and Consumer Protection Act (PCPA), but that it did comply with Australia’s data protection obligations under the Data Protection Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.”

The data protection commissioner’s investigation will continue, with more information due to be released by the ACCAC in the next two weeks.”

We have made it clear to the Commonwealth that the information provided by the Australian Consumer Law is relevant and not a substitute for accurate and complete information provided to consumers in their privacy notices.”

The data protection commissioner’s investigation will continue, with more information due to be released by the ACCAC in the next two weeks.

The ACCAC said it received reports of a number of problems and problems in relation to the way that Intel had disclosed its information to Australian customers, but that Intel was “actively working to resolve the issues”.

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