Which Indian football players have been recruited by Indian football?

The Indian Super League (ISL) has been one of the most watched football competitions in the world and has a number of players on its books, with one Indian player currently on the ISL’s radar.

According to ESPNcricinfo, Mahindra has already signed three players, with the most recent signing coming from Chennai, who was recently promoted to the first team.

Mahindra have also signed Indian international forward Kishore Kumar, who will join the club in the coming days.

Another Indian player, former Chennai Super Kings captain Gautam Gambhir, has also been linked with the ISl, with ESPNcicinfo reporting that the Mumbai-born player has signed a one-year contract with the club.

Mahondra currently sit second in the ISLS regular season table, and have won five consecutive matches.

Gambhir’s move to the club comes as a big blow for the club, who have been struggling financially over the last couple of years.

Mahantra FC’s players have also recently made headlines when they announced the retirement of three players due to injuries.