Which companies are best at building IoT?

Information technology (IT) is the next big frontier in the Internet of Things, and it’s about to get more interesting.

According to an infographic, IBM, Apple, Amazon, and Intel are leading the way with IoT.

The list is made up of 10 of the most popular companies.

IBM has the most market share with 37.7% share, followed by Amazon with 18.9%, Intel with 13.8%, and Google with 10.5%.

Amazon has the strongest presence with a market share of 14.3%, followed by Apple with 11.3% and Intel with 8.4%.

Google has the second-largest market share at 7.9%.

Intel has the biggest presence with 43.1% market share, and Amazon has 25.7%.

The top three companies in terms of market share are Microsoft with 10%, Intel and Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest cloud provider with a 41.3 million customer base.

Microsoft and Google are the largest cloud providers with 26.4 million and 14.4%, respectively.

Intel has a large presence in the mobile space, as its chip company, Atom, is used in Apple’s MacBook Air laptop, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and many more devices.

Intel is one of the top smartphone manufacturers, with a 31.5% share.

Samsung has the third largest share at 23.9% and Xiaomi is the fourth largest at 15.9%; Intel has a share of just 2.6%.

Apple’s Mac line has seen a slight increase in market share from 5.5 percent to 7.4 percent.

Intel has the largest share of 7.2%.

Samsung is in third place with 4.5%, while Xiaomi has the highest share of 9.3%.

Apple’s Mac is still the top platform with 32.4% market.

Apple’s iPhone has a huge following among consumers, as the smartphone accounts for over two-thirds of smartphone sales in the U.S. The iPhone accounted for nearly two-fifths of Apple’s sales in Q4 2016.

Samsung has a much larger presence in enterprise devices, and is one with the largest market share in the enterprise.

It has 42.4 percentage share, compared to Google with 14.5.

Intel had 13.4, while Microsoft had 9.4.

Apple has a strong presence in gaming consoles.

The company has a 10.7 percent share in console gaming, while Nintendo has 11.6 percent.

Apple has the best overall market share among consoles with 24.7%, followed closely by Microsoft with 16.6%, Nintendo with 16% and Sony with 13%.

Microsoft’s Xbox One has a solid lead over Apple’s iPhone, as it has a 19.6% share of Xbox consoles sold in the last quarter.

Nintendo has the lowest market share by a wide margin, with less than 7.5 percentage points.

Microsoft has a 9.9 percent share.

Apple shares were trading at $139.84 in early trading, down 1.1%.

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