What’s next for IBM in AI?

IBM is working on a number of AI technologies for the next decade.

The company is exploring a number that could help companies create more intelligent agents in the future.

Some of the technologies are already being tested on the lab bench, with Watson being one of the main targets. 

The company has recently released an AI system that can recognize objects and people and then predict the outcome of a conversation.

This could help organizations understand people better and also be used in the real world, as it would enable them to predict what other people are thinking. 

Another AI system is called the Watson Challenge.

It uses artificial intelligence to help with medical tests. 

While the technology is still in the early stages, the company has started to test the technology on patients and the general public, according to IBM.

The company will be looking at more AI-based technology, and said it will be focused on helping people solve problems.

It is also looking at the use of AI to help predict the future, so the company will use it to help understand and predict natural disasters. 

IBM also said it is working to make its AI software more reliable and better able to learn.

The future is looking bright for IBM. 

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