What’s going on with Google, Amazon and Facebook?

Hacker News has the answer.

As we mentioned last week, Google announced it is launching an independent data center in Chile and plans to expand to other countries in 2018.

Google also announced plans to hire 10,000 data scientists.

It also plans to open a new data center to work on its AI projects.

On Amazon, it is planning to build a data center and begin building artificial intelligence products for Amazon Prime customers.

The company plans to also add new services to its Kindle store, including a video-sharing app, an online bookstore and an online store that sells books.

On Facebook, Facebook is building out a data science department and plans on expanding to more countries.

We have already seen Amazon’s move into Chile.

Amazon opened a data centre in Chile, a country with the second largest population in Latin America.

As we pointed out last year, Chile has a population of about 6 million and has a high proportion of low-income people.

The country is also a popular tourist destination.

The announcement came just a few days after Facebook revealed it was building a new, large data center for data scientists in the US.

Facebook has also announced that it plans to launch a data centers in India and Europe.

Facebook is also building an AI lab in Japan and will launch an AI program in Australia in 2018 and in India in 2020.