‘We’ll be back’: USF’s new office opens with a virtual reality experience

Newsweek article USF has opened its new offices in Dallas with a VR video that shows people working on the campus in virtual reality.

In a press release Monday, USF President and CEO Chris Anderson announced that the new campus, which opened in February, is the latest development in an ongoing trend of innovation at the school.

“In a time of tremendous change and uncertainty, we are taking a bold step forward,” Anderson said.

“USF is embracing technology that will bring students and faculty closer together.”USF’s VR office is designed to “examine the needs of the 21st century and how students and our community interact with each other and the world,” according to the press release.

The offices are a part of the University of North Texas System, which includes Texas A&M University, the University and the College of William and Mary.

USF is not affiliated with the University System.