Vice News: NSA leaker Edward Snowden leaked documents about surveillance on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies

Vice News reports that Edward Snowden has leaked documents to the Washington Post and Guardian that show the NSA was monitoring American communications for the purpose of gaining information about Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 US presidential election.

Snowden reportedly requested the documents through the Freedom of Information Act and then provided them to the newspapers.

The NSA did not respond to VICE News’ request for comment on the reports.

According to the documents, the NSA, known as Tailored Access Operations, uses “informational” and “dynamic” keywords in its targeting of internet communications to locate people who are linked to a specific target.

It then tracks and stores that information.

The documents show that Tailored Security Analysis, a type of NSA surveillance tool, was used by the agency to track the communications of the former secretary of state, former New York mayor and former US secretary of defense John Kerry, as well as other senior officials who were part of the State Department and the Pentagon.

The document says that Tailoring Analysis “is specifically designed to identify communications of people with whom the target is known to have communicated and to identify contacts or other people to whom the targeted communications have been directed.”

The documents say the NSA has used the technique to target “US persons, entities, or entities with whom it has had a communications relationship, or people or entities associated with the US government who have been known to be associated with US persons, entity, or entity.”

The information also describes the Tailored Analysis tools as “the only means available to target the communications, communications of US persons and US persons’ persons and organizations.”

The document describes the technique as “highly intrusive.”

The Intercept says it reviewed the documents and found that “they paint a picture of what NSA has been doing to the communications and communications of Americans in the past.”

The report also says that a senior US official, who asked not to be identified, said in an email that Tailor Analysis was “very useful in helping us to identify and target targets in a targeted manner.

It can help us locate individuals who are associated with foreign intelligence activities.”

The article says that the NSA does not share data collected under Tailored Assessment with other agencies.

The Intercept also says the NSA is “still conducting Tailored Operations.”

The Post reported that the documents include “classified and unclassified summaries of NSA programs, and a series of documents that appear to show how the NSA can use this information to target foreign adversaries.

The information indicates that the program uses a variety of tactics to target individuals, including the collection of data on their phone calls, emails and other communications.

The Post says that some of the documents also appear to confirm the NSA’s use of a technique called “zero-day” exploits to circumvent software vulnerabilities that were not previously known.

The agency has denied using exploits, saying that it has the tools to do so.

The Associated Press also reported that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed the agency’s Tailored Attack Analysis program to the news media.

The program allows the NSA to “target specific targets in real-time by using a combination of the NSA Tailored Attacks Center and its Tailored Tailored Communications Analysis (TACAC) tools,” according to a report from the AP.

The report says that it was a program that used data collected from the NSA collection of phone records, emails, Internet activity and other information to build an “analysis of the target.”

The AP also reported the program was “a massive expansion of the agency ‘s ability to target Americans and foreigners, including citizens of foreign countries, in an effort to collect intelligence on them.”