Mercedes, Intel to build the world’s first autonomous driving system

Mercedes and Intel have announced plans to build a system that would allow its cars to drive themselves on the road without human input.

The German automaker, which will partner with the Intel-backed Autonomous Driving Project, will create a system called the Mercedes Intelligent Driving (MiD) system, the companies announced on Wednesday.

MiD would allow the car to learn from the road, react to road hazards and be able to respond to the driver’s needs, such as driving in the rain or in traffic jams, according to Mercedes.

The system will be built on a Mercedes-Benz platform and will be able “to adapt to different driving scenarios with a highly flexible approach,” the companies said in a statement.

The system will have a range of features, including a navigation system, a smartphone-like interface and “smart navigation,” the company said.

It will be developed in partnership with the Autonomous Vehicle Project, a partnership between Mercedes and the University of Oxford.

“Mercedes is confident in the success of this project and our partnership with Autonomous Drive Project.

We’re confident in our technical capabilities and that the system will deliver a level of autonomy that is unprecedented for a conventional vehicle,” Mercedes said in the statement.

The project is set to start its public trials next year.

The companies are planning to start testing the system in 2018.

Mercedes, Intel and the Autonautics Society (AS) are working on a project to create a self-driving car that can drive itself without human assistance.

The autonomous car could be capable of “over-the-top” driving and autonomous braking, according a 2016 report from AS.

The goal is to develop a fully self-aware autonomous driving car by 2035.

In the meantime, the Mercedes-backed company will continue to build autonomous vehicles.

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