IPT chief to take up new role in IPT’s IT group

The new chief executive of IPT, the IT group responsible for providing technical support to organisations, has been named as Brian Azzopardi.

The IPT said Mr Azzogni would be the organisation’s technical director, in charge of the organisation´s information technology and the development of new IPT-branded products.

It is a new position for Mr Aizzopardi, who previously served as chief executive officer of a company called TMS Solutions.

Mr Azzoggara was also chief executive at IT company EY, which was also spun off into an IPT unit.

He previously served on the boards of the Irish Chamber of Commerce, the Irish Independent and the Irish Business Federation.

MrAzzognia is the latest IPT executive to join the organisation.

The new role for MrAzzogga is in a similar position to that of the previous IPT director.

Mr Dolan was the organisation chief executive for six years and held various posts.

He oversaw the creation of the IPT digital product division in 2015, which helped it become one of the top five providers of enterprise IT services.

He also oversaw the launch of the company´s enterprise cloud services and helped it to become one for the digital revolution.

MrDolan left IPT in 2017, citing a lack of leadership.