How to use the CNN News API

The Associated Press is using a new tool to help users search through data in their news feed.

A new API tool lets users create custom reports based on a person’s age, gender, and location.

The API can also display news and weather forecasts, and a person can add a photo.AP news and information reporter Jason Berry said in a statement that the new tool helps users “analyze data from across the CNN network and deliver a unique insight into how their news feeds are changing as news is increasingly aggregated and personalized.”AP Newsroom reporter Brianne Kaplan, who has also been using the CNN API to get information from the network, said the new API could help people dig deeper into a person and the news they’re watching.

“The new API can make this data more interactive and allow for a deeper dive into news sources, such as a person who may be experiencing health issues,” Kaplan said.

“As a news source, this can be invaluable information that allows you to identify a person with a disease, and help you get the most relevant and relevant information to help you make an informed decision about the disease you are experiencing.”

The CNN API is available at the following websites:CNN Newsroom,, CNNgo, CNNMobile,,CNNnewsroom/go,CNNNewsroom/mobile,CNNNEWS,CNN, and CNNgo.