How to use Google Analytics for social media tracking, analytics, and attribution, including Google+

article Posted July 26, 2018 07:53:50Google has released the third version of its social media platform for Android and iOS.

Users will need to create an account and add Google Analytics to their Google account to be able to use the social media analytics tool.

It is a feature which has been available since the Google Analytics 2.1 update.

Users can choose to enable Google Analytics or disable it and the Google App will show up on the app drawer.

However, the new version of Google Analytics is still available in Australia.

Google says the third release of Google analytics will help to reduce the number of “unreported” social media accounts and will also improve user experience.

The third version is based on the Google Platform and will work with Android and Mac.

It can be found on Google’s Google Play store and in the Google app store.

Google is not the first social media company to update its platform with new analytics features.

Apple, Facebook and Twitter have also updated their platforms to improve their user experience and provide a wider range of tools to help advertisers manage their online advertising.