How to get your digital privacy back

By Simon JonesSource Reuters title Privacy campaigners in Australia are planning a nationwide online protest to call for a full national ban on all data mining, after an Australian Government inquiry into the technology revealed the industry has been growing and growing.

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) said on Monday that it will hold a protest in Melbourne, which will be the first time the country has held such a protest.APF chief executive and chairperson Joanna Kelly said on Sunday that the organisation would hold a national day of action on Monday to demand a full ban on data mining.

“Our national day is to show that we can hold the government to account,” Kelly told a conference in Melbourne.

“The only way we can do that is by showing the Australian people that the government is serious about the protection of our privacy,” she said.APM Group CEO Paul DeMarco said on the same day that the company had also found the data mining industry growing at an alarming rate.

“We’ve found the trend in our industry is exponential,” DeMarco told Reuters news agency.

“And if we don’t get this industry regulated, we’re going to lose out on so many opportunities in the future.”APM has also released a report titled “How to stop the digital revolution”, which outlined the risks of a data mining society, and highlighted a number of technologies that could be developed to help companies avoid liability if people are harmed by their actions.

“If we do get this technology to be properly regulated, it’s going to make us safer,” DeLuca said.

“But that means it also means that our privacy is less protected.”

Data mining can be used by companies to collect data from internet users, or even from computers, to make advertising and other forms of information available to them.AP has also been warning for years that it is facing the potential of massive data breaches, with the largest ever data breach in 2013.AP was founded by privacy activist and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in 2006.

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