How to find a good Indian ISP provider

How to locate an ISP in India? 

A guide to finding an ISP that fits your needs.

Read full articleThis is an article in the Indian IT News. Read more I have to agree with this article.

I have never had any problems finding an Indian ISP.

Theres a few points of concerns here and some suggestions, though:- Theres a chance theres some sort of data retention requirement.

There isnt a good explanation as to why theres not.

Youll have to contact the provider to find out.

If theres a data retention restriction, you may not be able to access your data.

This is because the provider doesnt seem to be able make any provision for it.

I dont know why this is, but I find it hard to believe that theres no way to read/write emails from an email account without the email being read/written on your device.

And there is no provision for email backups, either.

Also, youre not allowed to use apps like Whatsapp or Facebook to send/receive messages, emails, or text messages, as they dont have a data caps.

All these points make this service a little less appealing to me.

As a matter of fact, Ive been told that they dont allow WhatsApp or Facebook apps to be used to send SMS messages.

They do allow SMS messaging, though, as per my own experience.

What do you think?

Do you use a mobile ISP in the country?

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