How to be a millennial in the ‘Trump era’

Millennial women are being urged to stay focused on the issues, and be critical of those they see as not doing enough, as they navigate the new era of Trump administration and its divisive policies.

In a post titled “Trump Era Millennial Women,” The Hill said the women are the future of U.S. politics and the “most vulnerable generation in our history.”

While the post said “millennial women” and “millennials” are not interchangeable, they are “an extremely diverse and diverse group of people,” it added.

The Hill said millennials are the most diverse group in the country, and a majority of them are women.

It said millennials, as a group, are the fastest-growing demographic, while a majority are white and are over the age of 50.

While millennial women may have the lowest incomes and health problems of any group, The Hill wrote they are still far ahead of men.

Millennials are more likely to be married and to live in a home where there is a supportive, nurturing, and supportive parent, and they are less likely to have an educational attainment gap, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The piece said the younger generation may be “more inclined to listen to those who are in power, particularly those who support the Trump administration.”

The Hill also highlighted the millennials’ support for the Republican agenda, saying “millions” have taken an interest in politics, but the “millenials” want to keep their voices to themselves.

Millennial women are also “more likely to support the policies that are benefiting their own political party, and not necessarily those of their own party,” The Wall St Journal said.