Google is hiring more IT developers to help with its massive information technology expansion

Google is looking to hire more information technology developers as part of a broader effort to create a more streamlined, faster and more agile organization.

A new Google executive said on Thursday that the company is looking for developers to join its Information Technology Development team.

The hiring will be led by John Haines, Google’s head of information technology development.

Hains previously served as Google’s vice president for engineering, a position that covers engineering operations.

The move comes as Google has rolled out new data centers and new technology.

Google’s largest data center, for example, opened in the Bay Area last year and is being used by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and other companies.

It is being designed to handle the demands of its growing data center operation.

Google is also looking to expand its infrastructure and hire more people to help manage the company’s cloud infrastructure.

The new hires will be tasked with building out Google Cloud Platform, a cloud-based service that handles most of Google’s data.

Google announced in November that it plans to open up the Google Cloud platform to other cloud providers, which means the company could expand its footprint as well.

Google’s Cloud Platform is used by many other companies, including Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.

Google says it will help other companies scale up and become more productive.

The company also announced a plan to hire up to 1,000 more developers and support engineers over the next two years.

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