‘Don’t take our word for it’: Do you think we can make the future of healthcare ‘Google for everything’?

The world’s biggest tech company Google is making a big push into healthcare by developing software to automatically test people’s health and offer them free medical services.

Read moreNews24, a website that covers technology, is reporting that the company is working with private healthcare providers to develop software that automatically tests people’s blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels and other health-related metrics.

Google has invested $1bn (£735m) in medical technology companies such as Biologics and Biovid to help the world’s healthcare systems, and has been experimenting with new technologies like machine learning to help improve its services.

Biologics is one of Google’s biggest customers and the company says it is investing $1.4bn in its business.

It also says that it has signed deals with companies including Microsoft and IBM to create healthcare-focused software.

The news comes after Google announced plans to create a new healthcare business in the United States, the UK, France and Germany.

Its health services group has about 1,500 employees and has grown at a rapid pace since it was founded in 2005.

It has more than 30 medical centers across the US, including hospitals, pharmacies and clinics.