Colorado tech companies could save the state $2.3 billion over the next 10 years

California tech giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook have already been pushing their software on states and cities in hopes of increasing access to high-tech jobs.

But that could change.

Tech companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, are currently investing heavily in Arizona and other states in hopes they will attract more tech workers, according to the Associated Press.

The companies hope that by expanding into more states, they will gain a foothold in a market that’s struggling to find workers.

“Arizona is one of the fastest growing tech markets in the world,” Apple’s president of U.S. business operations Craig Federighi said.

“The tech industry is a key driver of the economy in the state, and we are confident that our technology-driven economic development plan will help Arizona remain a vibrant tech hub for the next decade.”

Arizona State University economist David L. Hwang told the AP that the state’s economy has “a lot of room to grow.”

And with a large number of high-paying tech jobs available, it could be a good place for tech companies to locate.

“It’s a relatively cheap place to start,” Hwang said.

The AP said that Arizona’s technology sector employs more than 1.5 million people, including 1.3 million in tech-related industries such as manufacturing and software.

The state has also seen a boom in technology startups, which has led to the state receiving a $1 billion stimulus package.

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