BP: “We’ve taken action to protect BP employees from this”

Envision is the name of a new energy services provider from BP, BP Envision.

BP is the UK’s biggest oil company, and is the world’s biggest by revenue, with operations in over 120 countries.

Envision will help the company “protect BP employees and protect the industry from cyber attacks and malicious activity”, BP said in a statement.

Envoy will be the first of a series of energy services providers from BP and its partners.

BP has not responded to our request for comment.

Envisa, a subsidiary of BP, will also be providing energy services, BP said.

EnVision will be working with BP’s “business partners” to provide a “multi-faceted” solution, the company added.

BP also confirmed it was investigating a report from security firm CrowdStrike alleging BP’s internal network had been compromised, although it did not provide further details.

Envisions role BP said Envision would be “working with BP” to “protect the BP employees” from cyber attack and malicious “activity”.

Envision has been working with the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure “the infrastructure and information needed to secure BP’s critical infrastructure and protect it from malicious attack and cyber activity”, the company said.

BP’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and CSR for energy is “continuing to be developed and will be in place for BP”, it added.

Envenos role Envision said it will also “work closely with BP to protect the BP company from malicious activity and malicious cyber activity”.

Envys CSR and CSO will also have the power to secure information, such as internal systems and networks, and ensure the security of BP’s systems and information systems.

BP said it had received “many reports” of data being stolen from the Envision service, including emails, data and personal details, and said it was working to help identify those responsible.

Envers role Envoy is “the UK’s leading provider of energy data, including energy information and services for businesses and consumers”.

Envoy “will offer our customers a range of tools to manage their data and security needs”, the energy services company added, adding that Envoy had also been “part of a partnership to provide energy security and data protection services for BP”.

Enven’s services Envision, Envoy Energy and Envoy Data are all part of BP Group’s “Energy Security Strategy”, BP Group said.

The company said Envoy’s “continued investment in data protection and security, as well as our comprehensive cybersecurity program, is leading the industry”.

EnVoys CSO, EnVoy’s energy security officer, will “be in place to oversee EnVoz products and services, as part of our ongoing efforts to protect our data and data systems”, the group said.

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