Altea, the online marketplace for data, could be the new digital marketplace for information technology

The Washington Post’s Greg Jaffe reported Friday that Alteas online marketplace, Saalex, is poised to become a leader in online information technology.

Alteans platform will enable companies to quickly and easily share data, and it will allow companies to securely store their data for use by others.

The Saalexs technology, which is designed to be fully open source, will also be a source of great revenue for Saalexes technology partners, which include the U.S. Postal Service and the U,K.


The technology will be offered for free for five years.

Saalex’s technology is a big win for the U.,K.

Post Office and the Post.

Saalexa’s technology will allow Post Post to share data with other Post offices across the U.’s 48 contiguous states and provide data security for Post offices.

Saales technology will also help Post and its partners reduce costs for processing the millions of pieces of information Posts users pass on to Post Office.

Saales technology is expected to save Posts employees thousands of dollars a year.